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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Well Hello 2011

It already seems like forever since we got back from California for Christmas break. We spent two fun/sick weeks divided between our families. I promised Brandon I will NEVER be pregnant again for Christamas (or atleast in the beginning stages), two holidays filled with morning sickness + other sicknesses is enough. I had my first doctor appt. the week after we got back and everything seems fine although I feel a lot different with this one than with Abby. I am a lot more sick almost the entire day and I've had a lot of pain and cramping, but I guess it's just my body getting ready for what's coming. I am 14 weeks along, just barely into the 2nd trimester. Right now my due date is the 28th of July, one day after Abby's birthday, but it's likely to change when I have the ultrasound.
Brandon is taking his junior core classes this semester and is working 30 hours a week as well. He is up at the crack of dawn every morning and up late every night. We are blessed that he is is able to work from home so we get to see a little bit of each other during the day.
I am taking my LAST class right now on campus and two classes online but then I am done with school! I am still trading off babysitting with a friend and it has been going really well, it's another blessing since there is no way I could expect Brandon to watch Abby.
Abby has changed a lot in the last few weeks. She talks all the time (except when we are around strangers) and she point and tries to name everything. She has so much personality, she cracks us up all the time. Whenever she wakes up from a nap the first thing she says when I pick her up is "baby, baby." After we find her baby she hugs it and kisses it and is totally happy. She will be the best big sister! Her favorite thing to do is read books and at night before bedtime and when she wakes up we read in our bed. It's the only time she really cuddles excpet for when she's watching the Wiggles or the "Waggies" as she calls them. Holy cow we love that girl!