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Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Great Reward!

Throughout the summer I have been giving Brandon incentives to keep him excited about selling. He has been working hard and doing a great job! His last incentive was a GPS unit which we both love! Hopefully now we won't be getting lost all the time!

A Weekly Tradition!

Brandon has been telling me for months that he wants to go golfing with me and last Friday was finally the day! We went with Greg and Alyssa and we had a blast. The girls even beat the boys on one hole...not bad for my first time! We have all decided it will now be a weekly tradition to go on Fridays!!

Wishin' We Were There!

Brandon and I grew our beards out all week so we could shave them into a mustache for Jimmy's Mustache party. Sorry we missed it Jimmy, but we were there in spirit!!